In the shadow of Table Mountain lies a group of dedicated people working timelessly to ensure the South African dogs gets to keep up with the latest fashion trends and looks the very best that he can be! 

Our goal is simple: To provide the best selection of specialty dog products including, dog apparels, dog collars, dog beds, dog carriers and many more unique dog accessories. Here with Dog’s Life, you’ll discover that we dedicate a tremendous amount of resources to product research and development so that we can deliver the finest collection of merchandise. Whether you are searching for a fancy dog collar or an Italian cashmere sweater for your favourite friend you can be sure that each item receives our stamp of approval.

The Dog’s Life team firmly believe that dogs are people too (except, maybe a bit more hairier) and that your dog is the only thing that loves you more than he loves himself. So, why not treat them and pamper them in the styles that they deserve.

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