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BrightEye is a buffered isotonic solution for safe, effective removal of tear secretion stains in animals. Will not burn, sting or irritate.


What Is BrightEye?

The appearance os some animals, esecially light-haired dogs such as Maltese Poodles and certain breeds of cats (e.g Persians) are often married by unsightly dark streaks descending from their eyes. These marks are caused by tear secretions and are normally not easy to remove. BrightEye is a harmless solution used to remove tear-streak stains from the faces of light haired animals.

How Does BrightEye Work?

BrightEye is a buffered solution of ingredients that gently removes tear secretion and restores its natural colour. Because it's an isotonic solution (i.e  the pH is adjusted to that of a tear secretion), it will not burn, sting or irritate if accidentally palced in your pets eye.

How Do You Use Bright Eye?

  • Soak a pad of cotton-wool with BrightEye and apply to the stained area.
  • Ensure that the fur is saturated with the solution, then gently rub the area.
  • Allow to dry.

How Often Should You Use Bright Eye?

Repeat twice daily until the stains disappear. Regular treatment will prevent recurrence.

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Store is a cool place (below 25oC)

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