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Mirra-Cote (100ml)

R 99,00
R 89,00

Just a few drops of MIRRA-COTE


Mirra-Cote (2.5l)

R 981,00
R 885,00

Dietary supplement for dogs, cats and horses containing a ...

Mirra-Cote (500ml)

R 244,95
R 219,00

Just a few drops of MIRRA-COTE

Mirra-Cote with Bio-Zinc (200ml)

R 155,00
R 139,00

Just a few drops of MIRRA-COTE


Pro-Soothe Shampoo (250ml)

R 135,00
R 121,00

A rich non-irritating shampoo for dogs, cats and horses, ...


Regal Skin Care Combo

R 203,00

These two products have been proven to work so well ...


Regal Skin Care Remedy (200ml)

R 75,00

Regal’s Skin Care Remedy, with a delicious beef flavour, ...


Regal Skin Healing Shampoo (250ml)

R 99,00

Regal Skin Healing Shampoo has been formulated to offer ...


Regal Skin Healing Spray (200ml)

R 152,00

This product helps soothe itchy, red, raw and irritated ...


Sebbaderm Shampoo (250ml)

R 149,00
R 132,00

A shampoo for problematic skin - has fingacidal and ...


Sebbaderm Shampoo (5L)

R 2075,00

A shampoo for problematic skin - has fingacidal and ...


Virbac Allermyl Shampoo (200ml)

R 379,00
R 340,00

Allermyl® Shampoo is a cleansing, soothing and protecting ...

Virbac Physiological Shampoo (250ml)

R 189,00
R 169,00

Shampoo for dogs and cats, specifically formulated to ...


Virbac Pyoderm Shampoo (200ml)

R 345,00
R 309,00

Pyoderm is a dermalogical medicated shampoo, for use on ...

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