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  • Unhappy with a nutrition brand?
  • Unhappy with a toy supplement?
  • Unhappy with acollar or any other accessory?
  • What if my goodies are damaged?  
  • What if I didn't quite get what I ordered?    

Unhappy with a nutrition brand?  

All our nutrition brands carry a 100% money back guarantee should your pet show any adverse effects following eating or should there be a problem with the quality of the food. The only catch - you must still have the original packaging bag so that the manufacturer is able to pick up the batch number and any other necessary information.  

Unhappy with a toy supplement, collar or any other accessory?  

Please let us know within 24hours of receiving your order.  

Non-defective products and your right to 'cool off'  

We check all stock delivered to us before sending it out to you, if we’ve missed something and you feel the toy was badly manufactured, we will gladly replace it for you. For the safety of your pets it is advisable to always purchase a toy suited to your dog’s size, age and jaw strength to ensure small pieces can’t be easily chewed off and swallowed.  

Any supplement products with irregularities in colour or inconsistencies will be promptly replaced. In order to maintain product effectiveness these products remain sealed from the manufacturer to you.  

If, upon receipt of your order, you wish to exchange or swap items (eg for a larger/smaller size) VetExpress will uplift the items from you at no charge provided a replacement item is required. Delivery of the replacement item will be for the shopper's account.  

You are entitled to cancel any purchase made via VetExpress within 7 days after your receipt of the product and to obtain a full purchase price refund, subject to being charged by VetExpress for the return of the product. Although you are allowed to return your purchases during this cool off period, please keep in mind that it must be returned to us in it's packaging and condition as it was delivered to you.  

What if my goodies are damaged?  

Let us know within 24hours so we can investigate the cause and organise to get a replacement to you.  

What if I didn't quite get what I ordered?  

Sometimes a case of the strikes and we can make mistakes. Let us know as soon as you can so we can fix it.  For any of the above contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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