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Bayopet Bacdip Plus (100ml)

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Bayopet Bacdip concentrate for the control of ticks and fleas on dogs and puppies and ticks on horses and foals. May be used on pregnant, lactating and young animals, even week old puppies. The 5 litre is specifically suitable for kennels, parlours and pet care businesses that need to dip many animals.

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Topical dip and for external use only.

Active Ingredient

Flumethrin 2% m/v, Piperonyl butoxide 10% m/v

For Use In

Dogs and Horses.


Use only as directed and shake well before use.

Dilution Rates

Treatment Volume of Bayopet

Bacdip Plus

Volume Of


Hand Treatment

(Dogs & Horses)




1 Liter

5 Liters

10 Liters

Dog Dip (plunge dip) 100 ml

1 liter

50 Liters

500 Liters

HAND TREATMENT: Add the required amount of Bayopet Bacdip Plus to the required amount of water in a bucket.

Dogs: Thoroughly wet the dog by making use of a jug.Do not rinse the dog after treatment.

Horses: Sponge or spray the horse and ensure thorough wetting.


  • Bayopet BacDip Plus is stable and can remain in plunge dips(dog) until polluted (regular removal of floating hair reduces pollution).
  • Plunge Dips can be fresh-filled and replenished using the concentration as directed.
  • Bayopet BacDip Plus should be regularly, but not more often than at weekly intervals, to kepp your animal free of ticks and fleas. Bayopet
  • Bacdip Plus sterilizes female ticks.
  • The better the wetting of the animal, the better the tick and flea control and the longer the residual action.
  • The longer Bayopet Bacdip Plus is in regular use, the more the tick and flea populations are reduced. It then becomes possible to treat less often.

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