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Cosmic Pets Black Collapsible Pet Pen (M)


The Cosmic Pets™ Collapsible Pet Pens has a wire spine and is made from strong polyester with a removable top and bottom, for added versatility. It comes complete with securing pegs and is portable with a convenient carry case.

Size: 45cm x 58cm x 8 panels 1.14m diameter

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This range is ideal for:

  • Keeping small and young animals out of trouble, yet still in the living area and spending time with the family;
  • Temporarily restricting the pet’s movement for animals recovering from surgery or ligament injury;
  • Suitable for containing puppy and kitten litters, keeping them safe and contained during those vulnerable first weeks.

Size Dimensions

  • Medium 45 cm x 58 cm x 8 panels (114 cm diameter) Available in pink, blue, black and maroon
  • X Large 58 cm x 98 cm x 8 panels (1.40 m diameter) Available in blue, black and maroon

Toys are not included and are for display purposes only.

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