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Grumpy Cat Annoying Plush Cat Toy Wand

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The Grumpy Cat Plush Wand is a multi-texture and multi-sound wand which will stimulate all of a cat’s senses. It has a rattling head and crinkling, fluffly teasers adding extra sounds and textures to a cat’s play-time. Excellent for interactive between cat and owner! Cats should be supervised at all times whilst playing.

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Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation in 2012 after her owners posted a picture online of her grumpy face. It was suggested that the picture was photoshopped so her owners started uploading videos on YouTube where she became an instant viral hit!

She has since become and internet celebrity all over the world. She has a huge wordlwide following: 8,7 million Facebook likes, 428 000 followers on Twitter, 1,7 million followers on Instragram – to name a few.

The Grumpy Cat range are official licenced products made from only the best quality materials and textures.

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