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Hound Sleeper Patio Dog Bed (XL)

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1300mm x 900mm x 200mm

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The Patio Hound Sleeper is made from textilene fabric and is UV protected. The fabric has small holes which will allow any moisture or dirt on the dog to sift through onto the surface below the bed.

The Patio Hound Sleeper will be ideal for swimming dogs as the water will drain through the holes provided. The Patio Hound Sleeper is designed to be used outdoors. It can be used inside on a tiled floor which can be easily cleaned by moving the bed.

Preferably not on carpeted areas unless vacuumed regularly.

The Patio Hound Sleeper will be cooler in summer for the dogs as the air will circulate around and through the fabric.

FLEA FREE… there will be no place for fleas to hide and breed.

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