About Cool Dogs Ice Cream™


Do Dogs Like Ice Cream?” YES! YES! YES! Our journey to develop the ultimate unique dog treat began in 2017 – we knew that it was time to really spoil our dogs! Our aim was to make the most delicious ice-cream that would not only be yummy for our pets but would also be a great alternative to dry dog treats.

After months of research and product development with a leading South African animal nutritionist, Cool Dogs Ice-cream™ was created. Only A-Grade ingredients are used in the manufacture of Cool Dogs Ice-Cream™. Cool Dogs Ice-Cream™ is packaged in a biodegradable tub and lid – even the labels are biodegradable.

Cool Dogs Ice-cream™ can be stored in the family freezer, it doesn’t smell and it is not a messy treat. The three delicious flavours are: Blastin’ Biltong, Dazzlin’Duck and Swishin’ Strawberry.

The tester in chief is Nanda our chocolate labby. We gave samples to anybody who had a dog and the response was uniformly consistent: ALL Dogs LOVE Cool Dogs Ice Cream™.  We immediately knew that we had developed a treat that is a truly wonderful experience for dogs. “Happy Dog – Happy Human!”.

It was then time to create COOL DOG, the ‘Coolest Dude in Town’. We worked with a branding company who introduced us to a cartoonist who has worked with both Disney and Warner Bros. Cool Dog soon came alive as an action dog with attitude who surfs, skateboards, hikes, goes fishing, runs marathons, cycles and even has a dating life, ALWAYS with his ice cream in hand.. You may notice that Cool Dog is so cool, he does not pronounce his ‘G’s.

We couldn’t wait to introduce COOL DOG and his ice cream to every dog and human in South Africa.

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