NexGard is a strong, effective and safe way of protecting your canine companions from both ticks and fleas year round. These beef flavored chews are the ideal choice for your dogs, it starts working extremely quickly (within 30 minuets of dosing) and reaching 100% efficacy within six to eight hours and continues to protect your dogs for up to 35 days.

Please take note that NexGard is only suitable for use in dogs and must NOT be given to cats of any age or size, however, having tick and flea free dogs greatly benefits your feline family members too. Buy NexGard Chewable Tick and Flea Tablets Online at the best price in SA and start saving today.

NexGard is unaffected by swimming, bathing rain etc as it works from the inside out, making it even more effective in breaking the extremely robust tick and flea lifecycle.

And what’s more is that these beef flavoured chews contain absolutely no animal proteins what so ever, which means that it truly is the ideal tick and flea treatment for your dogs that may have any protein allergies.

As an added benefit to our customers we offer a price match guarantee on all NexGard tick and flea chewable tablets making sure that we offer the best price in SA.

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