Your VetEx Rewards Points Are Now Better Than Ever.

When completing an order through our website you’ll get the added benefit of at least 1% back on your order for your next purchase, this often changes when special are running. These points can be used at anytime you wish.

Do My Points Expire?

No, your points are added to your profile after every successful purchase, this means that you can save up as many points as you want before redeeming them.

Can I Swap My Points For Cash Or Items?

No, points can only be used as an order discount.

How Do I Check How Many Points I Have?

Upon checkout, you’ll see a bar displaying your points, you’ll also have the ability to select how many points you’d like to add to your order, for example if you have 100 points, you have the choice on how many points to add, let’s say you want to add 87 points, type in 87 and click apply and your discount will be added. You also have a button that says apply all, click this one to use all of your available points.