VetEx Rewards are now better than ever.

When completing an order through our online store, your account will be rewarded with a discount code for your next purchase.


How Do I redeem my Discount?


Your Rewards discount will Automatically be added toy our profile for your next purchase. However if you prefer not to use your discount you can remove the discount from your cart, you’ll also receive a copy of your discount code via email and you can use it whenever you want.


How long do I have to Redeem my discount code?


You can redeem your discount code at anytime you want, these codes do not expire.


Can I Redeem my coupon codes for cash?


Coupon Codes cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be used through our online store as all rewards are linked to your shoppers profile.


My Coupon Code doesn’t work.


There are various reason why your coupon code may not apply and they are as follows:


1. You are not logged into your shoppers profile.

2. Your code may have already been redeemed.

3. Please copy and paste your code from your email to ensure that no typos have been made.


How Often Can I Use My Discount Codes?


Your discount codes can only be used once, but don’t worry, when you use one and complete another order you’ll receive another code for your next order. 


How Much Are My Rewards Worth?


Your points have a minimum Rand value of 1% back on your previous spend, which means that if you spent R 100.00 you’ll have a R 1.00 discount. This value does change often when promotions and special are run but 1% back on your previous spend is the minimum amount but can rise to 10% back.