We have recently implemented a fantastic system which will help you save money on all your pet products.  

When you shop on our online store you have the added benefits of:  

When you create an account with Vet Express you will receive Vet Express Rewards points.  

When you have signed up and activated your online shopping account, you will receive 1 500 Vet Express rewards points. If you need any assistance with the set up or activation of your account, please send us an email on support@vetexonline.co.za  

Earning Vet Express Rewrads points on each order.  

Your points are the same as your order amount. If you spend R 250.00 online, you will receive 250 rewards points. This is valid on all payment options provided your order is placed online.  

Earn more Vet Express Rewards Points by using our easy online referral system.  

By referring a friend, your friend needs to sign up with us and you will receive 1 500 Vet Express Rewards Points . This does have a maximum number of referals per day (10).  

Redeem your Rewards Points whenever you want to.  

This system has no minimum or maximum number of points. This means that you can accumulate your points for as long as you want to.  

Extremely easy to redeem your Vet Express Rewards Points.  

When you login, you will see your points in the page footer, there will be a button under your points that says “Redeem”. When you click this button, you will see your points drop to 0, within a matter of seconds, you will receive an email from us with your coupon codes attached.  If you have any other question please feel free to contact us anytime on either support@vetexonline.co.za, 087 551 0656 or via our live chat on the bottom right hand corner of your screen, click on “Hello” to get started.

Rewards Points Rand Value

Your points have a minimum Rand value of 1% back, which means that if you have 100 points available this has a rand value of R 1.00.