The aim of the Auto Order system is to save you time in your day knowing that you’ll never run out of your pet supplies every again and money with our savings program.

To add items to your Auto Order, simply select the “Subscribe” button on each qualifying product, select your delivery schedule, add to cart, complete the checkout and you’re done. Auto Order will manage your orders to your exact preferred schedule which you can pause, edit or cancel at anytime, there is no minimum time your order needs to be “Active” to benefit from it.

As the Auto Order system is all Automatic, payments at this time can only be processed through PayFast, South Africa’s leading payment gateway.

We want to make shopping for your pets easier and a lot more reliable.

With Auto Order you can win up to 100% money back on your order.

Yes that’s right, as long as your Auto Order is active you’re entered into the monthly draw to win up to 100% money back on your order, so far this year we have rewarded our customers with over R 100 000.00 (January to July 2021).

This is a monthly draw with three places, first place gets 100% back, second place gets 50% back and third place gets 10% back on their Auto Order totals, this includes delivery fees (should they be part of your order)

We have no access to any sensitive data, this is all stored and encrypted with PayFast which ensures the highest level of safety to this information.

So then how does the system work?

Well here’s the beauty of it, its all Automatic. Our system will generate the order exactly how you have set it, send the payment request to PayFast who will then debit your selected card.

What happens if I need to change my schedule?

This is extremely easy and can be done within your “My Account” Page. Select “My Subscriptions” on the Left Hand side of the page, scroll down to subscription totals and you’ll see a button “Adjust Your Schedule”, click this and follow the steps.

What happens if I need to renew my subscription before the selected date?

You can process an early renewal via the “My Account” Page. Once again select “My Subscriptions” on the Left Hand side of the page, scroll down to the “Actions” section, click “Renew now” Then click “Pay now” and its as easy as that.

We will send you a text message the day before your Auto Order is set to renew with a link to manage your orders should you want to edit your order.

If there is anything else we can assist with please let us know.

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