Buy Omega Dog Food Online in South Africa and start saving today. Top quality raw ingredients, the formula of the food, manufacturing technology and the laboratory controls and tests performed during the manufacturing process. Omega Dog Food brings together the best of these four factors in its range of premium products. Omega Dog Food also promotes your pet’s optimal health and well-being in the following ways:

  • OMEGA CONTAINS OMEGA OIL+®: A special blend of animal, fish and plant oils, in the optimum omega-6: omega-3 proportion. Supplementary salmon and flaxseed oils supply EPA and DHA, the important Omega-3 fatty acids.

  • OMEGA PRODUCTS ARE LOW ALLERGENIC: Ostrich, chicken and lamb are used as the main sources of protein with no beef (or beef fat), artificial colourants or flavourants included. Beef and beef by-products have proved to be the protein most commonly associated with dietary related allergies in pets.

  • SUPERIOR RAW INGREDIENTS: Only meat (ostrich, chicken and lamb) derived from healthy animals and processed at export registered abattoirs is used in the production of Omega. The meat is growth hormone and antibiotic stimulant free.

  • FORMULATED BY EXPERTS: Omega was formulated by veterinarians and companion animal nutritionists at the Feed Technology Group in Stellenbosch, incorporating the latest scientific-based knowledge on pet nutrition. The food is manufactured according to a fixed formulation, making it possible to list (in order of dry mass inclusion) detailed raw ingredients on the packaging.

Purchase Omega Dog Food Online and start saving today.

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