Get Ultra Dog Food Online delivered to your door at the best prices. We believe that every dog is extraordinary. It’s the little things and the big things…the wagging tail, their soft snores, their playful bark or that slobbery kiss hello. We call this their ‘ultra-ness’. We want you to keep them at their ‘ultra-best’ and that’s why we have used the expertise of our in-house animal nutritionist and veterinarian to scientifically formulate Ultra Dog food using only high-quality ingredients to create a recipe that your dog will love.

We carry the full range of Ultra Dog Dog Food from the Superwoof range, Optiwoof, Premium as well as the special diet options such as the Joint Health Care, Weight Control and hypo-allergenic dog food.

Buy Ultra Dog Food Online and start saving money today, Create a shoppers profile and earn real cash back on every order you place with us. We help all our customers save money on every order, not just on your initial purchase. Our customers save thousands of Rands every year, let us help you save more with quick and convenient delivery options right to your door.

As one of the biggest Ultra Dog distributors in South Africa we can assure you get the best possible service at the most affordable rates possible. We really are The Pet Store That Gives You More!

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