Growing Together…  

Working today on livestock farming of tomorrow

Denkavit is the specialist in feed for young animals. Over sixty years of knowledge and experience in the field of feed for young animals forms the basis for a balanced range. Carefully developed together with our supply chain partners, our principles are always the same: high-quality, advanced and sustainable raw materials, controllable quality, and traceable origin They form the foundation for a high-quality product range that is appreciated around the world.

As everyone knows, veal calves, breeding calves, piglets, and lambs grow quickly and, above all, healthily with feed from Denkavit. For those young animals that could use a little extra help, we have developed health supplements. We also market a wide range of high-performance specialized raw materials and additives under the name Denkavit Ingredients.

For livestock farming of today and the future…

We develop the feed and raw materials of tomorrow in our own laboratories and DenkaFarm Innovation Centres. In this way, we ensure that we continue to grow together with our customers.

We combine knowledge of nutrition with animal husbandry and calf rearing throughout the veal production chain. Within the integration, we work closely with veal farmers and local, specialized veal slaughterhouses. We apply this knowledge across the entire  veal production chain. This collaboration allows us to constantly work towards creating the most delicious veal.

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