Supervet is a range of dogfood sold exclusively through veterinary practices and shops, and came about as a need was identified by the owners of SuperVet for an alternative local premium food of high quality, where all raw materials are tested prior to inclusion in the products, where gluten and other processed plant proteins are limited as far as possible.
Experience has shown that quality and availability are the most serious problems encountered by veterinarians. Supervet will not compromise on quality and availability.

The owners are Dr. Hendrik Meyer, a veterinary surgeon in private practice, and JCW Petfoods (Pty) Limited, a company that has manufactured quality petfood for more than a decade.

Dr. Meyer was the originator of Vets Choice and is a known expert in pet nutrition, who together with Riana Durham, a well-known South African nutritionist, formulated SuperVet.

JCW Petfoods has extruded and co-packed many of the better known brands on behalf of various local and multi-national companies, and also made Vets Choice prior to the construction of Royal Canin’s plant in Kya Sands, and has never had any quality problems with petfood.


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