Ascendis Health is a market leader in health and care products, owning some of the most recognised brands in South Africa. Our innovative portfolio of products is spread across diverse revenue streams and markets, allowing for organic and strategic growth across each of our three product divisions. These are: Ascendis Consumer Brands, Ascendis Pharma-Med and Ascendis Phyto-Vet.

Our entrepreneurial culture and commitment to strategic growth are reflected in the success of our solutions, and in the consistent growth of the Ascendis Health brand since it was established in 2008 Since then, we have acquired more than 25 companies each one selected for its exceptional products and solutions, and each founder-owner continuing to drive innovation for their brand. Our founder-owners enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurial freedom and the ability to continue to hone their passion for their products, alongside corporatisation through scale, shared services and corporate governance.

From the sourcing of raw materials to new product development and manufacturing, to marketing and selling, the Ascendis Health portfolio spans the value chain with solutions that span the globe. We invest in our health and care brands to ensure robust and sustainable growth, both locally and internationally.

Ascendis Health has more than 10 products sitting in the number one spot in the South African market, and a further 15 dominate the rankings in second position. This market strength is reinforced by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and by the strategic and sustainable vision upheld by our executives, board members and employees. Together,  the people who make up the heart of the Ascendis Health brand have many years of experience, and they make it count for our customers every day.

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