What is Ultra Dog?

Our premium quality, scientifically engineered dog food is made for South African dogs in South Africa for a South African environment. Ultra Dog combines the expertise of a pet food nutritionist and veterinarian, providing expert nutrition for the lives our dogs deserve.

Why Ultra Dog?

Ultra Dog delivers the highest possible quality dog food, while ensuring ideal nutritional value, at an optimal price. This is because Ultra Dog is manufactured, packaged and distributed locally.

Ultra dog provides complete and balanced nutrition and is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) for maintenance of dogs. This means that, with Ultra dog, you are not only getting the same quality as internationally accredited nutritional standards, but your dog is also eating food scientifically engineered for South African conditions.

Our Quality

Ultra dog is produced in a FSSC22000 certified facility, which is an international food safety management system applied in food manufacturing facilities. This system is internationally recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative, which demonstrates a robust food safety management system.

Our manufacturing process is stringently controlled to the highest possible standards, and Ultra Dog ascribes to and is a part of AFMA (the Animal Feed Manufacturing Process).

Ultra Dog is a South African dog food developed in partnership with pet food nutritionists and veterinarians. As a result, each of our products are scientifically engineered to the highest possible standards and our entire range is FSSC22000 certified.

Our manufacturing plant is the largest in the country and all our products are stringently tested for quality in our on-site laboratory, which adheres to the highest level of quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

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