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Ultra Pet Optiwoof Puppy Food (8kg)

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Ultra Dog Optiwoof Puppy Food understands that your dog’s good health is reflected in the way he looks, feels and behaves – it’s in his strong muscles, energy levels, shiny coat and healthy skin. Ultra Dog Optiwoof dry dog food has been developed by a veterinarian and pet nutritionist to deliver the appropriate levels of protein, fat and calories to help your dog maintain optimal body condition.

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Healthy Development

Ideal levels of protein and fat to help puppies develop a healthy body condition.

Strong Teeth And Bones

Contains the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio to build and maintain strong teeth and bones.

Optimal Muscle And Organ Development

High quality protein to support proper muscles and organ development.

Healthy Digestive System

Wholesome grains and fibre. Digestible ingredients including rice for optimal absorption of nutrients. Contains fibre to allow healthy bowel movement.


Cereals(Min 4% rice), Meat and animal derivatives (Min 4% beef meat and bonemeal), Vegetable protein extract and derivatives of vegetable origin, Fats and oils, Palatability enhancers, Minerals, Vitamins, Approved Antioxidants. (contains at least 5% GMO) Also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches.

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