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NexGard For Large Dogs 25.1-50kg (3 Pack)

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The NexGard Chewable Tick & Flea Tablet is a highly palatable beef flavoured, bite-sized tick & flea chewable tablet for dogs, that is easy to administer with no messy application. The fast-acting formulation is safe and effective for a full 30 days.

NexGard helps prevent flea infestations by killing adult fleas fast before they even have a chance to lay eggs.

Each fast-acting chew provides safe and effective protection, killing fleas and ticks for a full month. And since NexGard comes in a beef-flavored soft chew, it’s easy to give to your pet as a tasty treat or disguise in your pet’s favorite wet food.

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Reg No: G4118 (Act 36/1947)

Active Ingredient: afoxolaner


Kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations and the treatment and control of black-legged tick, American dog tick, Lone Star tick and brown dog tick infestations in dogs and puppies eight weeks of age and older, weighing four pounds or greater, for one month.

Possible Side Effects

NexGard (afoxolaner) is for use in dogs only. The most frequently reported adverse reactions include vomiting, itching, lethargy, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. The safe use of NexGard in pregnant, breeding, or lactating dogs has not been evaluated. Use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders.

Drug & Food Interactions

In a well-controlled field study, NexGard was used concomitantly with other medications, such as vaccines, anthelmintics, antibiotics (including topicals), steroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), anesthetics, and antihistamines. No adverse reactions were observed from the concomitant use of NexGard with other medications. For specific questions about your dog, we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian.


Afoxolaner is a member of the isoxazoline class. This class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including tremors, ataxia, and seizures. Seizures have been reported in dogs receiving isoxazoline class drugs, even in dogs without a history of seizures. Use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders. The safe use of NexGard in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs has not been evaluated.

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4 reviews for NexGard For Large Dogs 25.1-50kg (3 Pack)

  1. Susan (verified owner)

    NexGard is fantastic! Keeps my Lab tick and flea free and the 3pack is just a bonus.

  2. Markus (verified owner)

    Tick and flea free on a monthly basis thanks to NexGard!!

  3. Connor

    Great ones, work well and save a little buy buying for three months at one time.

  4. Bryan Cox

    Having this on the auto order system has saved me so many times, I get a text message the day before and I receive my items the following day absolutely amazing service.

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