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Bravecto Spot On For Medium Cats (2.8 – 6.25kg)

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Cats everywhere can now experience the Bravecto 3 month difference. Whether your cat goes outdoors or stays inside, continuous flea and tick protection is important. With Bravecto Small Cat 1.2-2.8kg Spot on Tick & Flea, you can now give your cat 3 months of protection against fleas and ticks with a single treatment. This makes it easy for you to provide long-lasting coverage to your cat, without having to worry about giving frequent treatments. With just one dose, your cat is all taken care of.

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Bravecto Spot On Cats provides immediate and persistent flea and tick activity for 3 months. Bravecto is the market leader in tick, flea and mite protection in cats. Proven to be one of the most effective treatments to treat and control both existing and new tick and flea infestations, lasting up to 3 months and helping to prevent flea allergy dermatitis and ear mites too.

Bravecto spot-on can be administered all year round, For total control administer tick and flea treatment every 3 months and don’t stop during winter.

How to apply Bravecto for Cats:

Applied to the skin on the back of the neck (separate fur if needed) with the easy Twist and Use applicator once every 3 months.


The cap does not come off, do not try to take it off. Simply twist to break the seal and applyBravecto Small is for cats weighing 1.2 – 2.8kg


  • Knock out flea infestations in your home with just one dose of Bravecto Spot On for Cats. After treating, Bravecto Spot On for Cats kills 100% of fleas in 8 hours and keeps killing them for a full 3 months.
  • Proven to kill greater than 90% of ticks within 48 hours for 3 months and also treats ear mites.


  • Bravecto Top Spot is proven safe for cats weighing at least 1.2 kg and for kittens aged 11 weeks or older.
  • Easy and convenient treating. Fewer chances to forget and a better experience for you and your pet, all taken care of with just one dose.


Small (1.2-2.8kg)

Medium (2.8-6.25kg)

Large (6.25-12kg)


Store I’m a cool dry place that’s below 30 degrees Celsius. Out of reach of all uninformed adults, children and animals.

Please wash your hands thoroughly after dosing Bravecto.

4 reviews for Bravecto Spot On For Medium Cats (2.8 – 6.25kg)

  1. Jerry

    I’m a first time Bravecto user and I honesty couldn’t be happier. I have tried the spot on for my cats and a spot on for my more “fussy” dog as I was sure she wouldn’t eat the tablet as she is known to even turn down some left over chicken! About an hour and a bit after dosing I started to see the ticks and fleas falling off her.

  2. Joshua

    I use bravecto every 3 months for my cats and dogs, I can honestly say they have never had a tick attached to them since converting , I’d highly recommend. I’d also recommend Vet Express , fast delivery and cheaper than anywhere else I’ve searched.

  3. Lara

    Easy to dose. 5/5

  4. Lucille

    Easy and the auto order works very well. Happy customer 🙂

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