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Eco Colic (50ml)

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Eco-Vet Eco-Colic will treat the abdominal pain and discomfort caused by an accumulation of gas in the abdomen.

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Dogs and cats are just as susceptible to colic as babies. Colic is the term used to describe abdominal pain that is caused by an accumulation of gas in the abdomen. Colic affects pets of all ages and breeds, but the young ones are particularly prone to it.

What Is Eco Colic?

Eco-Colic is a herbal remedy to treat colic in your furballs.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

A must to have on hand to control mild colics. Offers oral assistance for the recovery of abdominal pain due to colic and IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

What Makes Eco-Vet Different From Other Herbal Remedy Companies?

In nature, when animals are unwell they can instinctively search out healing plants and herbs to help them get better again. However, domestic animals don’t have access to these healing herbs and have to rely on their owners to help them. Therefore it makes sense to have Mother Nature help heal our furry friends. Contrary to conventional medicines, natural remedies have no side effects or toxins meaning they don’t harm when they heal. Eco-Vet products treat a large variety of animal conditions be it physical or emotional. Nothing hurts more than seeing your special companion ill; so give us a try and reap the benefits of a healthy, happy pet. After all we love animals. Naturally!

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Eco-Colic is available in a 50 ml bottle

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