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Eco Lame (50ml)

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Eco-lame is used for early lameness therapy prior to a definite diagnosis been available. Please consult your vet first before using this product.

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Lameness is a clinical sign of a more severe disorder that results in a disturbance in the gait and the ability to move the body about, typically in response to pain, injury, or abnormal anatomy.

What Is Eco-Vet Eco-Lame?

Eco-Lame is a herbal remedy for your dog that are suffering from lameness.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Medicine for the professional to enable horses and working dogs to maintain peak performance. For early lameness therapy prior to a definite diagnosis being available. Treats difficult back problems. Can be used for pain and athletic recovery.

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Eco-Lame is available in a 50 ml bottle.

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