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Eco Teeth (50ml)

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All dogs love to give their owners a good morning lick on the face, and of course you are trying to avoid him planted that smelly tongue on your face. If you use Eco-teeth it might be a pleasant experience.

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Dental disease is the most common major health problem of cats and dogs. Despite its name, dental disease does not merely affect the teeth and mouth. Dental disease impacts the entire body, with serious consequences for health, longevity and well-being.

Dental disease is an infection of the teeth, gums and surrounding structures. Because animals do not brush their teeth, food accumulates on the teeth and bacteria grow on the food. Over time, the bacteria move into the gums and adjacent tissues, causing an infection that ultimately can spread to other areas of the body.

What Is Eco-Vet Eco-Teeth?

Eco-Teeth is a herbal remedy for dogs and cats that will treat halitosis and gum disease.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Works against halitosis and gum disease. Works as a pre- and post-operative therapy. For dental abscess and gingivitis. Use daily in their drinking water to combat plaque

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Eco-Teeth is available in 50 ml bottles

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