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F10 Disinfectant Wipes (100)

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F10 wipes effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses use as a multi-purpose disinfectant impregnated disposable wipe, aldehyde and iodine-free.

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F10 WIPES are disinfectant impregnated surface wipes for use on equipment such as thermometers, and for hand decontamination when washing facilities are
The antimicrobial action mechanism of the F10 branded disinfectants is taken from each component separately but in addition is due to the additive synergistic action of all components combined.
Bactericidal tests have been carried out in accordance with SANS 636-2001 – Standard (South African) having a performance pass criteria of >log3 reduction in microbial counts, the AFNOR Standard (French)which is a>log4 reduction inmicrobial counts, the European Union EN Standard which is a >log5 reduction in microbial counts, and the AOAC Standard (USA) which is a >log6(1,000,000 times) reduction in microbial counts. MIC in-vitro tests have shown significant depth of performance as indicated. Generally testing was carried out at ambient temperatures with the exception of EN Standard tests where some were carried out at low temperatures 10o C and some DEFRA tests at 4o C. The EN Standard for low temperatures is 10o C and at this temperatures bactericidal performance was equal to that at ambient temperatures , however there was a significant fall off in performance at 4o C. Other tests carried out at elevated temperatures of 45o C showed a significant increase in performance.

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