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VetEx Gift Card

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A VetEx Gift Card, to be used at anytime and on any qualifying order.

Select your chosen amount, if your preferred amount isn’t available, please get in touch and we can make a custom card for you.

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These gift cards can be used at anytime, simply add the unique card code during checkout or click on the redeem button in the email you’ll receive after your purchase.

Cards do not have an expiry date, send the gift cards to anyone directly by inputting their email address on this page, if you would like to send multiple cards to multiple people, simply input their email addresses in the given section separated by a comma, there is no need to adjust the card amounts as this will be done automatically.

2 reviews for VetEx Gift Card

  1. Gareth

    Exactly as advertised, got the card emailed straight to a friend of mine who I purchased the card for. Very convenient and super easy.

  2. Natalie

    I use the gift card service to donate to a few different charities where they can come and buy exactly what they need and whenever they need to.

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