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Hills Mature Adult Roasted Chicken, Carrots & Spinach Stew Dog Food (354g)

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Your pet will love our new tinned Stews. Made with real spinach, carrots and rice, it’s an entirely new taste experience that any cat or dog is bound to enjoy!

The new Stews not only taste and look great, they also have precisely balanced nutrition that you have come to trust as South Africa’s Most Trusted Pet Food Brand.

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Key Benefits

Clinically proven nutrition that can transform your pet’s life.

Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken, Carrots & Spinach Stew combines the delicious flavors of roasted chicken and tender vegetables in a succulent stew canned dog food with the perfect balance of taste and nutrition for your dog.

No artificial flavors or preservatives

Recommended For

Adult dogs over 7 years of age.

Not Recommended For

Puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs.

Additional Information

When you feed your dog’s health, you also feed his happiness. With a wagging tail and licks on your face, no one can say hello like your dog. Because every moment you spend together is special, we strive to give you more of them. With wholesome ingredients and the right nutrients, Hill’s Science Diet is precisely prepared to offer your dog the nutrition he needs for lifelong health and happiness.

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