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Kyron BrightEye 100ml Spray

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BrightEye is a buffered isotonic solution for safe, effective removal of tear secretion stains in animals. Will not burn, sting or irritate.

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The appearance of some animals, especially light-haired dogs such as Maltese poodles and certain breeds of cats (e.g. Persians), is often spoiled by unsightly dark streaks descending from the eye. These marks are caused by tear secretions and are normally not easy to remove. BrightEye is a buffered solution of ingredients for the safe and effective removal of tear secretion stains in animals. The solution is mildly detergent and isotonic so it will not sting or irritate if accidentally placed in the eye.

BrightEye contains boric acid, zinc sulphate, sodium metabisulphite, mild nonirritant surfactant, and EDTA.

Soak a pad of cotton-wool with BrightEye and rub the stained area with the pad.Allow to dry. Repeat twice daily until the stains disappear. Regular treatment will prevent recurrence.


Store in a cool place (below 25°C).


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