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MultiPet Cat Litter Crystals (1.8kg)

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MultiPet Cat Litter Crystals is Hassle Free, Odour Free and Clump Free.

Recommended 1 bag per cat per month.

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MultiPet Cat Litter Crystals is an Anti-Bacterial cat silica cat litter. Each Silica sand crystal that has millions of microscopic pores.

No More Tracks

The crystals stay dry with the odors eliminated and the tracking of litter outside the tray is reduced.

Absorbs Odours

Each crystal works like a sponge, quickly soaking up liquid and absorbing odours. Liquid rapidly evaporates, odours remain trapped inside the crystal.


The unique crystals inhibit bacteria for a cleaner more hygienic tray, hassle free and easy to use.

Helpful Tips

If your cat has trouble adjusting to the new litter, mis MultiPet Litter Crystals with 50% of the old litter for a few weeks.

For multiple cat households more frequent litter changes are needed.

The irregular crystal shape reduces tracking of litter outside of the tray.

Discolouring of the litter crystals does not affect their absorbing effectiveness.

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