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Ossobello Flowers Dog Dental Chews L Green (2’s)

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The Ossobello line is the true revolutionary alternative to traditional vegetable bones for dogs: better, more healthy, more natural.
(18cm 60g)

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Ossobello is a line of products from extraordinarily attractive flavor. The unique natural flavor enhancer, in fact, makes even more greedy and inviting bones, from the first bite.

The Ossobello line is the ultimate in authenticity, because every product is made solely with material made from vegetable flours non-GMO, with colors and synthetic flavors, without the use of animal derivatives. And above all, directly from Ossobello, to the absolute quality assurance.

The Ossobello product line is the genuine, revolutionary vegetarian alternatives to the traditional dog treats: Even More enticing, much healthier and natural.

Ossobello is a line of pet products Which have an extraordinarily enticing taste. The exclusive and natural flavor enhancers render the treats highly inviting and enjoyable even from the first bite.

The Ossobello line of pet products is genuinely wholesome, as each treat is created with non-GMO vegetable flours only, with vegetable flavoring, coloring and without any animal ingredients whatsoever. Furthermore, our products are created directly at Ossobello, as a guarantee of absolute quality.

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