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Arthrimed Joint Powder (250g)

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It is worrying to see your senior citizen battling to get up on a wintery morning, or finding it very hard to climb the stairs. Arthrimed powder will treat your cat or dog that suffer from joint pain.  

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Arthritis is also known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, doesn’t matter what it is called, it is painful and causes inflammation in your pets joints. Your pet that is suffering from Arthritis may show signs of stiffness, lethargy, lameness, decreased flexibility and discomfort. Arthrimed Joint Powder will assist in alleviating this discomfort, buy Online and start saving money today.

What is Arthrimed?

Arthrimed powder aids in the maintenance of healthy joints and tendons.

Why Should I buy this product?

Arthrimed Powder can be used in cases where pet owners have difficulty in administering the tablets or prefer a powder mixed with food. Arthrimed powder is an aid in the maintenance of healthy joints and tendons.

What does Medpet Arthrimed Contain?

Contains a unique combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate, Green-lipped mussel as well as Ascorbic acid, Manganese Ascorbate and Brewer’s yeast.

What makes Medpet different from other companies?

The company slogan “The Scientific Alternative” aims to give insight into the fact that we believe in formulating, producing and supplying premium products that are based on scientific research and proven results.  One of our aims is to offer an alternative product choice of at least equivalent quality, at better value.


Always store in a cool, dry place. Make sure the lid is closed properly

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Arthrimed Powder is available in a 250g tub

Arthrimed Joint Powder will assist in alleviating joint discomfort, purchase online and save today.

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