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Oralade GI Support Pet Rehydration Drink (500ml) 6 Pack

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ADVANCED Oral Rehydration Support

With a great tasting 100% natural roast chicken flavour Oralade is the first scientifically formulated small animal Oral Rehydration Support (ORS) that dogs and cats love.

Water and Electrolytes: Vital for Life

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Water makes up approximately 60-65% of an adult animal’s body weight and is essential for nearly all normal body functions to occur

Fluid balance in your pet, including how water is absorbed or secreted, is intrinsically linked to the concentration of certain molecules known as electrolytes. Even slight alterations in electrolytes can significantly impact hydration levels in the body and therefore the normal functioning of cells and organs.

In healthy animals, regulatory mechanisms ensure minor daily variations in fluid and electrolytes have minimal impact on normal physiology. However excessive fluid and electrolyte loss, or significantly reduced intake, will rapidly disrupt this balance.

Triple Function As simple and easy as 1,2,3…

1: Prehydration – Maintaining health and vitality

Oralade’s scientifically formulated isotonic solution supports optimal absorption of fluids and electrolytes in perfect harmony with the body’s natural requirements.

Proactive management and early intervention, when increased fluid loss or decreased fluid intake is anticipated, is key to maintaining a healthy hydration status.

2: Rehydration – Supporting fluid and electrolyte balance

Oralade is a fast-acting ORS containing the precise ratio of glucose and electrolytes necessary to activate and support glucose-stimulated sodium (and water) absorption from the intestinal lumen. Helping maintain normal hydration even during periods of gastrointestinal disturbance.

3: Microenteral GI Support – Helping maintain intestinal function and integrity

Oralade’s unique combination of simple sugars, functional amino acids, and easily digestible prebiotic fibres work synergistically to support normal gut function and a healthy balanced microbiota, paving the way for a return to full enteral nutrition when needed.

Containing zero fat and only 1% protein Oralade requires no digestion, is easily absorbed, and is safe for use during all life stages.

Highly Palatable 100% Natural Roast Chicken Flavour

Oralade’s incredible tasting formula is the result of a highly hydrolysed 100% natural chicken flavour, making it ideal for use in all carnivorous species including dogs and cats with gastrointestinal sensitivities.


A dual functioning simple sugar acting as an energy source for healthy intestinal cells and as a co-transporter to support and maintain electrolyte and fluid uptake during gastrointestinal disturbances.

Sodium, Chloride, Potassium
Along with dextrose, the perfect ratio of these essential electrolytes is necessary to formulate the perfect isotonic ORS. Enabling Oralade to support normal hydration in dogs and cats even when the usual homeostatic mechanisms may be disrupted.

Metabolised directly by enterocytes, glutamate is considered the most important fuel for intestinal tissue and therefore essential for maintaining normal intestinal motility and function

Important for cell growth, protein synthesis, as a co-transporter, and in the formation of the antioxidant glutathione, glycine plays key roles in the maintenance of normal intestinal structure and intestinal mucosal protection.

Easily digestible prebiotic fibres act as a nutrient source for beneficial microorganisms in the gut, helping to maintain a balanced and healthy microbiota. Furthermore, fermentation of prebiotics by gut bacteria produces short chain fatty acids (SCFA’s), the preferred energy source for intestinal cells.

Purified Water – Oralade Ready to Serve
Oralade contains purified water to optimise voluntary uptake by dogs and cats and support fast, effective hydration

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