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Bravecto Chew For Medium Dogs (10-20kg)

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Bravecto for Medium Dogs. (10-20kg)
-Fast acting – within 2 hours of dosing
-Protects for 12 weeks
-Unaffected by swimming and shampooing
-Safe for pregnant and lactating bitches
-Safe for puppies from 8 weeks of age

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Bravecto Medium Chew Dog 10-20kg Tick Flea Tablet is a chewable oral flea and tick treatment given every 12 weeks and can be used as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).

Compared to other products that must be given every month, Bravecto a cost-effective option for keeping your pet protected as it also won’t wash off.

That’s easy and convenient treating, fewer chances to forget and a better experience for you and your pet, all taken care of with just one dose.

After treating, Bravecto Chew starts killing fleas within 2 hours and kills >95% of fleas within 12 hours for 12 weeks.

Bravecto kills 100% of ticks on dogs within 12 hours and has no known resistance.

Bravecto Chew last for 12 weeks for ticks.

How to give Bravecto to dogs

  • A single dose of Bravecto Chew for Medium dogs should be given to the dog by mouth with food.


  • Safety in puppies less than 8 weeks old and/or dogs weighing less than 2 kg has not been established
  • Keep the product in the original packaging until use
  • Certified to be used in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs
  • Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder.


Mini (2-4.5kg)

Small (4.5-10kg)

Medium (10-20kg)

Large (20-40kg)

Extra Large (40-56kg)


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34 reviews for Bravecto Chew For Medium Dogs (10-20kg)

  1. Gregg (verified owner)

    Superb! So nice to not have to dose 3 dogs every month.

  2. Michelle (verified owner)

    Bravecto is such an awesome product! Super happy with my all round experience with Vet Express, super fast delivery. Thank you so much!

  3. Jaden (verified owner)

    My dogs absolutely love Bravecto and it works w

  4. Susan (verified owner)

    Bravecto is such an amazing product and thank you so much for the fantastic service Vet Express! Highly recommended!

  5. Lisa (verified owner)

    Happy to report that Bravecto has worked very well for me and kept my dog tick and flea free for the last year with no side effects.

  6. lcooke1508

    Best price I’ve found anywhere online, backed with a brilliant deliver time of just 6 hours. Thank you.

  7. Josh

    Brilliant! I will only use Bravecto from now on!

  8. Ian

    I have been using Bravecto for years and love the chews so I know my dog is getting the right dose without the mess of topical treatments. I have yet to find a tick on any of our dogs.

  9. Shawn

    I swear my dogs look forward to getting their Bravecto every 3 months lol, as soon as they come out of the box they are sitting there waiting for their treats.

  10. Michelle

    Bravecto is without a doubt the best tick and flea product that we have ever used.

  11. KenL

    I use a combo of the chews and the spot on for my dogs and cats. Some dogs don’t like the taste, which is ok seen as there is a spot on option too. 7 happy dogs thanks to Bravecto.

  12. Gary

    My boys love their Bravecto tablets, no fussy and so easy to dose.

  13. Jessie

    It’s so easy. My dog loves this. I don’t have to put peanut butter on it for him to eat it. And it comes to my house. I love that part. Fast ship.

  14. David

    Love it!

  15. Cindy

    This is the best product to use, I’ve tried most of the other ones and Bravecto works the best.

  16. MelissaL (verified owner)

    Bravecto never disappoints. Georgie loves the taste and only have to buy a few times a year.

  17. Corey

    Dogs love the taste and works very fast.

  18. Mathew

    Dogs love the taste and works very fast.

  19. Henry

    Works 100% of the time, dogs love them and it works very fast.

  20. Conrad

    Worth every penny.

  21. CandyA

    Very very good.

  22. Heather

    YES!! So happy

  23. Samantha8

    These are great.

  24. Chara

    Works very well, super happy.

  25. Debra

    A little difficult to get the tablet out, make sure you have scissors or something sharp to open the pill.

  26. Hellen

    If you actually want something that’s going to work, Bravecto is your only option. It has never let me down.

  27. Yolanda

    What a brilliant product! And the auto order system works so well, what a life saver!

  28. Gertie

    The perfect treatment out there wow!

  29. GarethG

    Very happy with my purchase, arrived the very same day of my order.

    My dogs also love the taste of the chew, its like treats for them, I have also just had my first auto order and it arrives on time, a SMS the day before to remind me that they’re going to process my order.

    I have set and forget and VetEx does everything for me, what an absolute win.

  30. Stephanie

    I absolutely love Bravecto. I agree with the other reviews that it really is that much better than all the other items on the market.

  31. Jake

    Very very happy with Bravecto, it’s the only thing that works for us.

  32. Samantha

    I was very nervous to try Bravecto from all the things that I’ve read online about the product, I am happy to repost back that a year into dosing Bravecto to my boys is going well, they are tick and flea free and we couldn’t be happier.

  33. Amanda

    Phenomenal results, I also have the bravecto app and get a free item after 9 purchases. Handy when I have quite a few doggies.

  34. Gareth

    Nothing better

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