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Credelio For Extra Large Dogs (22-45kg)

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Credelio® (lotilaner) is a small, tasty1 chewable that’s approved for all puppies and dogs 8 weeks of age or older that weigh 1.3kg or greater. Credelio isn’t just gentle on your pup, it also kills ticks and fleas fast2,3, and lasts a full month.

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Credelio® (lotilaner) delivers powerful protection in a small, beef-flavored tablet that is easy enough to treat all puppies and dogs 8 weeks of age or older that weigh 1.3kg or greater.

Credelio® (lotilaner) is a prescription tick and flea medicine that kills ticks and fleas fast, is well-tolerated and lasts all month long to protect the dog you love.

Credelio starts killing fleas in 4 hours and kills 99% within 8 hours for 35 days. Credelio is greater than 97% effective against labeled tick species 48 hours after administration or infestation for 30 days. In a controlled European study, Credelio starts killing ticks (I. ricinus) in 4 hours.

Credelio’s active ingredient, lotilaner, is a member of the isoxazoline family, a novel class of parasiticides that target nerve receptors of ticks and fleas for powerful protection.

Credelio protects both small and large dog breeds and comes in multiple strengths according to your dog’s weight.  The dosage, according to the weight of the animal, is one tablet.


  • Credelio is given orally, once a month, and must be administered with food or given within 30 minutes of feeding.
  • Consult your veterinarian for the appropriate tablet dose for your dog.
  • Treatment can begin any time of the year and can continue year-round without interruption.
  • If you miss a dose, administer a tablet immediately. Resume monthly dosing beginning one month from the last tablet consumed.

Credelio comes in convenient 1-dose and 6-dose packs. Credelio is not for use in humans. Like all tick and flea-control products, keep Credelio out of the reach of children.


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