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F10 Germicidal Wound Spray With Insecticide (100ml)

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F10® Germicidal Wound Spray With Insecticide is a spot treatment which combines the antimicrobial action of F10® SC Disinfectant with the added insecticidal activity of Cypermethrin (0.25%) and Piperonyl Butoxide (1.25%) to produce a ready to use topical, spot-on application spray.

The Antimicrobial action of the F10® actives provide a local antibacterial cover to assist wound healing (and reduce fly-attracting putrefactive odours) whilst the cypermethrin both repels and kills insects and their larvae. It is commonly used in the prevention and treatment of myasis.

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Uses of F10® Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide

Wound Treatment

The F10® core actives in the F10® Wound Spray with insecticide will treat infected wounds and act as a barrier to re-infection of open wound sites e.g trauma, castration, de-budding, de-horning, dart wounds and abscesses.

Insect Repellent

Where there is a high risk of fly-strike e.g diarrhoea, urinary incontinence, wound drainage, a single application of the product will protect the site against blow flies and other insects for up to 5 days.

Fly Strike Treatment

One initial application of 2-3 sprays of the F10® Wound Spray on an infected area will result in the immediate migration away from the site and death of all maggots within 30 minuets – no need for medical removal of larvae.

Where wounds are inaccessible e.g within the spines of a hedgehog or foot rot in cloven-hoof animals, the F10® Wound Spray with Insecticide can successfully be used as an alternative to the F10® Germicidal Barrier Ointment with Insecticide.

Treatment of Lice And Ticks

Lice and ticks found on a small furries and wild animals such as hedgehogs can safely be treated and controlled by regular treatment with F10® Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide

Treatment of reptiles with lice can safely be achieved by routine regular application.



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