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KALIGEL provides potassium gluconate in gel form for dietary supplementation of potassium in cases of hypokalaemia.

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Each gram of KALIGEL contains 200mg of potassium gluconate.


Chronic renal failure (CRF) is the most common form of renal disease in dogs and cats. Although CRF occurs in dogs and cats of all ages, it is commonly considered a disease of older animals, and the incidence increases with age. A study found that in cats with CRF 53% of the cats were over 7 years old. CRF has been recognised more frequently in Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Siamese, Russian blue and Burmese cats.

  • Hypokalaemia is consistently associated with CRF in the cat.
  • Potassium replacement therapy is indicated for patients with a serum potassium level lower than 4 mEq/L even in the absence of clinical signs of hypokalaemia.
  • Since only 2% of total body potassium is found in blood serum, even normal serum values can mask a severe total potassium depletion.
  • Left undiagnosed, hypokalaemia can lead to serious complications in otherwise healthy looking patients with CRF.
  • It has been shown that dietary potassium supplementation by itself in some cases stems the course of CRF.
  • Potassium gluconate is the preferred form of potassium for replacement therapy in cats.
  • Long-term potassium supplementation at a dose of 2 mEq per day has been recommended for all cats with CRF.
  • Potassium gluconate is safely administered orally and KALIGEL enables the cat’s owner to readily cope with the daily dosage regimen.

Directions For Use

The usual dose is 2 to 6 mEq of potassium per cat each day (half a teaspoonful [2,5g] of KALIGEL contains 2 milliequivalents of potassium), depending on the size of the cat and the severity of the hypokalaemia. Dosage should be adjusted on clinical response and serial measurement of serum potassium concentration. The suggested starting dose for adult cats is 2,5g twice daily. The recommended dose for dogs (per kg) is the same as the dose for cats.


Use with caution in the presence of cardiac disease, particularly in digitalised patients. Do not administer where high potassium levels may be encountered, such as in severe renal insufficiency or adrenal insufficiency.


50g Tubes


Store at room temprature (not above 25oC)

Registration Number

V16434 Act 36/1947

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  1. Jessie

    My cat has been on Kaligel for 2 Years and I can honestly say it’s a total life saver to be able to get it delivered to me so quickly and at no extra charge.

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