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Pheroma Powder (500g)

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Pheroma Powder is scientifically-formulated, patented odour neutraliser in powder form for deodorising litter of cats, hamsters and other animals. This harmless powder immediately removes all unpleasant pet odours, especially urine and faecal odours. Can be used inside vacuum cleaner bags and dustbins.

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Pleasant-smelling Pheroma Powder is used to deodorise cat, hamster and any other animal litter, pet’s bedding and sleeping area, dustbins in and around the home, etc.

How Do You Use Pheroma Powder?

Pheroma Powder should be used on new and existing litter, and when necessary, to remove urine and faecal odours instantly. Simply sprinkle the powder lightly on the surface of the litter, inside hamster cages, inside vacuum cleaner bags and even in the dustbin.


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