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VetsBrands Hoof Powder (1kg)

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VetsBrands Hoof Powder is a nutritional aid in ensuring optimal hoof health and preventing hoof disease.

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Each kg Contains

Methionine 100 000mg Lysine 75 000mg
Biotin 1 500mg Vitamin E 30 000mg
MSM 30 000mg Inositol  15 000mg
Zinc AAC 10 500mg Choline Chloride 40 000mg
Beta Carotene 250mg Moisture max 35g

Feeding instructions

See product dosage table


  • Contains high levels of top quality bio-available essential active ingredients (Biotin, Methionine, Zinc)
  • Unique addition of MSM, Lysine and Beta Carotene improves efficiency
  • Combines well with VetsBrands Hoof Balm to maintain optimal hoof health
  • Extremely cost effective.
  Mass Frequency Duration
Management Of Hoof Disease 10g BID For at least 6 months
Ensuring Optimal Hoof & Hair Health 5g BID Routine Supplementation

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Weight 1 kg


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