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VetsBrands Multi-Mune (1kg)

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VetsBrands Multi-Mune is a nutritional aid that acts as an immune stimulant, pre & probiotic as well as a toxin binding and anti-oxidant action.

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Beta 1/3D Glucan Pre-Biotics (MOS, FOS)
Toxin Absorbing Clay Equine Specific Pro-Biotics
Garlic Powder Grape Skin Extract (anti-oxidant)


  • Unique evidence based raw material combination
  • Ensures optimum immunity and intestinal health
  • An aid in management of chronic infections and detoxing in horses
  • As an aid in preventing enteritis and raising healthy foals.
  Mass Frequency Duration
Prevention Of Disease 20g BID As long as disease is prevalent
During Disease 20g BID As long as disease is prevalent
Post Disease Treatment 20g OID Until full clinical recovery is seen.

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