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Broadline Spot On Solution For Cats (<2.5kg)

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Introducing the brand new Broadline Spot On Solution For Cats. A broad-spectrum endo- and ectoparasiticide for topical use on cats.

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Broadline™ Spot-on Solution for Cats.

Broadline is a totally new formulation for cats.


  • Easy application with applicator
  • 2 systemics : eprinomectin ( covers roundworm,hookworm,heart worm,lung worm)
    Praziquantel ( covers tapeworms)
  • 2 Topicals \non-systemic : Fipronil ( fleas,ticks)
    S – methoprene ( fleas eggs,fleas larvae)
  • Systemics reach peak concentration within an hour ,then wash out completely-no persistence
  • Kills fleas within 24 hrs,prevents infestations up to 7 weeks
  • Kills ticks within 48hrs,prevents infestations up to 5 weeks
  • Appy to base of neck/between shoulders
  • NO ALCOHOL so no freezing effect on application or odor!
  • No pregnancy and lactation claim,but no reports of fetotoxicity ,vet to do risk/benefit assessment
  • No data for use on compromised cats,but no known adverse effects on liver,heart,kidney etc.
  • May see spiking or clumping of hair at site
  • Mild,transient skin reactions may occur (very rare)
  • If cat licks, may salivate


  • Up to 5 x overdose in 7 week old kittens —only transient symptoms occured with spontaneous recovery.
  • Minimum age: 7 weeks,minimum weight: 0.6 kg

Monthly Use

  • For kittens up to 6 months of age
  • During flea & tick season if risk of worms
  • At catteries & welfares
  • For heart worm prevention

Quaterly Use

  • For Indoor/Outdoor cats.

Twice Per Year

  • For Indoor Cats

Or use as directed by your veterinary care professional.

How To Apply Broadline


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8 reviews for Broadline Spot On Solution For Cats (<2.5kg)

  1. Lisa

    Very hapy with the results that I’ve had with using this product. Does everything they claim it to do and very well priced.

  2. Susan

    Great product and great service! Thank you for the recomendation Vet Express

  3. Aaron

    I’m very happy with my experience with the Broadline range.

  4. Kyle

    Yet another fantastic product that was recommend to me by Vet Express, they have never given me the wrong guidance when it comes to picking the right products for the issues we need to treat with our pets.

    I can honestly say I’m blown away by how well Broadline works. Thank you again

  5. Jerry

    Easy to use and the best price I’ve found anywhere. Great service to back, thank you!

  6. Gary

    Great results and extremely easy to use.

  7. Bryan

    Brilliant, just doesn’t seem to work for as long as needed.

  8. Jessie

    Very happy, I saw the ticks falling off later the same day.

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