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Kunduchi Super Catnip (40g)

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The pungent aroma of Super Catnip is irresistible to most cats.

Harmless & non-addictive.

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Suggestions on what to do with catnip:

Sprinkle onto or rub into cat toys, cat scratching posts, cat bedding or any other objects enjoyed by your cat.


40g Bag

Catnip Facts

Medicinal Properties

Catnip has been used as a herbal remedy for humans since the early 15th century.

Catnip tea is the oldest European Tea and has traditionally been known to have the following benefits:

  • It is a rich source of vitamin C.
  • It is good for feverish colds, as it helps to increase the perspiration without increasing body temperature, and also acts as a mild seditive.
  • An infusion of Catnip is usefull in the treatment of restlessness, insomnia and colic in children.
  • Catnip is known to relieve pain associated with menstration and indigestion.


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